Samsung Case Study 3: 1300 Kawasaki

Samsung gives 1300 Kawasaki’s communications a rev-up

Australia’s fastest growing Kawasaki dealership,1300 Kawasaki, has been a Samsung client since it commenced trading as a start-up business approximately four years ago. More recently, Samsung has enabled the company’s telephone system to evolve with its expansion to a second site and meet new business needs.

“Our recent upgrade with Samsung allowed us to cost effectively integrate our two sites by installing new OfficeServ systems and IPtechnology while still using much of our existing infrastructure at the original site” .

Peter Floyd, Dealer Principal, 1300 Kawasaki



  • Client : 1300 Kawasaki
  • Locations: Ferntree Gully and Ringwood, Victoria
  • Staff : Approximately 20 staff across two sites


The Solution

Samsung Communications upgraded 1300 Kawaksaki’s iDCS100 system to an OfficeServ converged communications solution comprising an OfficeServ 100 at each site in Ferntree Gully and Ringwood. All calls are channeled through the 1300.

Samsung products:

  • OfficeServ 100,
  • Voice over Internet Protocol,
  • wireless IP number through the phone lines at Ferntree Gully and VoIP at Ringwood.
  • Wireless IP and IP handsets allow


The Challenge

When the successful Kawasaki dealership was looking to open another premises in Melbourne’s leading motorcycle district in Ringwood, it contacted Samsung to upgrade its communications system. Coinciding with the expansion, the dealership ramped up its marketing efforts changing its nameto 1300 Kawasaki to match its 1300 KAWASAKI telephone number. A tailored hybrid solution needed to be developed to support a centralised number across two sites.for seamless communication with customers when staff are between sites or working on the shop floor.



  • A flexible system that operates seamlessly across two dealership sites
  • A cost effective upgrade solution without having to replace the entire telephone system by using original handsets and other infrastructure
  • A fully operational second site with a clean, wireless working environment
  • Smooth transition for staff during upgrade with minimal training required

Kawasaki is not only Victoria’s largest Kawasaki dealership, but also Australia’s fastest growing. The showrooms in Ringwood and Ferntree Gully service a broad customer base from varyingprofessions and lifestyles. 1300 Kawasaki sells dirt bikes and jetskis to teens and young adults, road bikes and cruisers to motorcycle enthusiasts and agricultural products to hobby farms and vineyards.

When 1300 Kawasaki first opened in Ferntree Gully four years ago, Samsung provided them with a Samsung PABX solution (iDCS100) comprising four ISDN lines and a number of land lines. 1300 Kawasaki’s Dealer Principal, Peter Floyd, says that the basic Samsung system worked really well for them at that stage of the business.

“The solution gave us the flexibility to easily change the configuration to suit our needs, such as diverting calls to other extensions and mobiles, which we relied on quite heavily when out on the shop floor”.

The need to upgrade was tied to 1300 Kawasaki’s expansion and the introduction of the 1300 number. The organisation wanted all 1300 number calls to come through the main switchboard, which could then be distributed to the relevant store based onthe customer’s needs.

“Like other specialist retailers, we find that most ofour customers do their research on the internet before making a significant purchase. The next step is to give us a call, so it is important that we can receive our calls and handle them quickly and efficiently. In a nutshell,a good phone system is the key to our business”.

Samsung Case Study 1300 Kawasaki1300 Kawasaki was extremely satisfied with both the product and service delivered by Samsung Communications when it first opened its doors.

As such, it did not seek estimates from other vendors to help with the next phase of its business.“When it came to the upgrade, we didn’t need to go elsewhere. The fit with Samsung was just so easy”.

The system upgrade was relatively seamless, with an OfficeServ 100 installed at each site and dedicated IP connecting Ringwood to Ferntree Gully. The system delivered by Samsung is relatively close to what the dealership envisaged. A small amount of fine-tuning has taken place since 1300 Kawasaki opened the Ringwood site, which involved Samsung accessing the system remotely and changing a few configurations.

The dealership has expanded its stock further with the addition of extra wireless IP handsets, which are invaluable on the shop floor.Samsung’s wireless local area network (WLAN) solution liberates individuals from the confines of their offices. It also provides significant cost efficiencies with its ability to remove unnecessary cabling and maintenance through the qualified voice data service of IP and WLAN. With its support for the SMT-W5100WLAN phone and SMT-R2000 Dualband WLAN Access Point, OfficeServ systems provide full voice-data convergence not only for fixed network connections, but also on corporate WLAN.As the system is fairly straightforward, minimum staff training was required. The reception staff received refresher training and, as a result, are using more ofthe features available on Samsung telephone systems.