Samsung Case Study 2: HPM Legrand

Samsung connects Australasian electrical products company.

By networking nine locations around Australasia and introducing all new call centre capability, Samsung keeps electrical products company HPM Legrand well and truly connected. HPM Legrand is an industry leader in products and systems for electrical installations and information networks. The company was formed in 2007 when international electrical giant Legrand purchased HPM, an icon of the Australasian electrical industry since the 1930’s.

Part of the Legrand international network, which has a presence in more than 70 countries and a global workforce of more than 35,000 people, HPM Legrand manufactures and distributes innovative products through more than 5,000 electrical trade and retail customers around Australia and New Zealand.

In 2008, HPM Legrand decided to upgrade their communications system in order to better support the newly merged business and help future proof it.

“We had different PABX systems based on local relationships all over the country. We wanted to pull them all together in one consistent, seamless network. It was the opportunity to streamline our entire sites under one platform and completely upgrade our Call Centre. And, I’m happy to say, the results have been terrific!”

Costa Kotevski, IT Infrastructure Manager, HPM Legrand



HPM Legrand was using a Samsung OfficeServ7400 in its headquarters in Auburn, Sydney and a range of other PABX systems around Australia when the decision was taken to maximise the potentialof a networked communication system. Pleased with the OfficeServ 7400, the business wanted the same feature set across all of its other locations and new Call Centre functionality linked in.

The challenge was how to develop a common, consistent platform which would suit the needs of differentkinds of sites – offices, a distribution centre, a call centre and representatives – and deliver tangible efficiencies and cost savings. With thousands of customers on both sides of the Tasman operating in a time critical industry, the HPM Legrand business communications system had to be ultra reliable and seamless between sites. For customers, it had to beone HPM Legrand.



Reliance Communications in Sydney designed a tailored solution to extend the compatibility of the existing OfficeServ 7400 across all HPM Legrand sites in Australia and New Zealand. As other PABXs ran out of lease or became out of date, OfficeServ7400s were installed in Brisbane and Knoxfield. OfficeServ ACD Call Centre software was introduced to complete the professional picture. HPM Legrand now has a system which has proven ultra reliable across hundreds of daily calls both within the business and via the Call Centre, and presents one, united face to customers in Australia and New Zealand.



• Improved internal efficiencies – staff need only dial an extension not a whole STD number to speak to colleagues in different states – vastly improved communications capability around multiple, physically removed sites
• Cheaper internal calls (STD calls at local rates)
• Better quality customer communications via the Call Centre ACD leads to improved service and increased sales
• Easy access to local Samsung engineers, trainers and support staff
• Guaranteed future proofing from the Samsung OfficeServ platform.

An icon of the electrical industry, HPM Legrand is committed to forging the development of modern electrical systems for domestic and commercial use. Trusted by electricians in Australia and New Zealand, the HPM Legrand business and stable of brands denote quality, safety and reliability. Commencing business in Sydney in the 1930s, HPM grew from a husband and wife team into one of Australia and New Zealand’s largest suppliers to the electrical industry. An industry pioneer, HPM was integral to the development of the Australian and New Zealand electrical industries and the safe accessibility of electricity in thousands of homes across both nations.In February 2007, HPM joined French-based international electrical powerhouse, Legrand.

With more than 130,000 catalogue items, a commercial presence in more than 60 countries and sales in over180 countries, Legrand is one of the leading global specialists of products for electrical installations and information networks servicing the domestic, commercial and industrial markets.

“With such a powerful presence in both our home market and around the world, we need a communications system that can deliver,” says HPM Legrand’s IT Infrastructure Manager, Costa Kotevski.

“We have thousands of trade customers who have thousands of customers themselves, so timely provision of quality products and services is pivotal to our success. ”

Seamless communications is what Costa describes as a ‘non negotiable’. “Unless we have top quality communication systems to support what our electricians do in the field, we simply cannot perform immediately, professionally or effectively,” he explains. “That translates to smooth running of a building or electrical project. At the bottom line is our reliability for our customers so they can look after their customers. Each part of the transaction has to be invisible.”

Soon after HPM and Legrand merged, the company faced a communications watershed in 2008. With Australasian headquarters then in Waterloo, Sydney, and a planned move to Auburn, the company hadan OfficeServ 7400 which Costa says was ‘a proven performer’. Another reason the business decided to standardise all systems around the Samsung OfficeServ 7400 was to meet the requirements of the Call Centre. With 25 seats, it runs two shifts and processes thousands of calls a day.

“Our customers need to be able to get through to place urgent orders or have a technical problem solved immediately,” explains Costa. “We can’t let them down. ”

He adds that the OfficeServ ACD Call Centre software is working like a dream. “Our call flow is good, our stats are improving for dropped calls, our on hold times are reducing and we can add or remove seats at will.

Most importantly, our customers are happy. We’ve made some changes to the menu to minimise caller choices and cut some of the layers out but other than that, we’re very pleased with the result.”



HPM Legrand worked closely with George Minucos at Reliance Communications. “From the outset, it was obvious that we needed the networking capacity and features of the OfficeServ7400 across the business. George was terrific at the specification stage, during cut-over and in after-sales support and training. It was one of the best professional partnerships I’ve ever had,” says Costa.

The OfficeServ 7400 is the ideal solution for the future and the present office because it can simultaneously support both traditional voice communication, voice over IP, IP based data communication, and wireless solutions through Wireless LAN.



Being part of an extensive global network means HPM Legrand’s communications platform has to be world class. The Samsung OfficeServ 7400 has more than met the brief.Samsung OfficeServ ACD Call Centre is specifically tailored for mid sized organisations requiring a sophisticated customer interaction management solution for 10 to 100 agents. “It is enhancing our customer service levels, it lowers call abandonment rates, increases staff productivity and accountability,” says Costa.

“Features include intelligent routing, simple agent toolbar, single point intuitive web-based administration, real time monitoring, call tracking and detailed historical reporting.“ And the Wireless LAN application is proving very convenient for tracking down staff who are always on the move.”



Costa Kotevski describes the Samsung/RelianceCommunications solution as ‘terrific’. 

“We’ve had no problems with any of the new systems. The only time we have to call Reliance Technical Support is when we need to purge our Voicemail messages because no one ever deletes them!”

He says that HPM Legrand staff all over Australia and in New Zealand have told him how easy the new system is to operate. And, most importantly, customers are happy with the service.

“The system is expandable so we can add to it when and where we want to. In fact, we’re examining a hub option for the future out of our head office in Auburn to make a single point of contact for the whole company. It’s a move we’ll investigate with our partners Reliance Communications and Samsung.”