Samsung Case Study 6 : Monjon Security

Samsung delivers mission critical communications system to security company, Monjon

MONJON Australia is a security, training and traffic management company with over 20 years experience. The only ISO-accredited business of its kind in Victoria, MONJON provides a range of consistently high quality security/risk management services to clients requiring provision of site security personnel and concierge services, close personal protection for V.I.P.s and their businesses, security for private functions and corporate events, traffic management services to the film and television industry, supply and installation of video surveillance, and electronic security equipment. Effective and reliable communications are a must. A new Samsung communications system, based on the Samsung officeServ 7200, was tailor made for the business to meet some very specific criteria. Now installed, the Samsung solution is more than proving itself, supporting the MONJON motto of  ‘Safety first, last and always’.

“In a business like ours where the reliability of communications can mean life or death, we need a system that delivers 110 per cent, all of the time. The backbone of our company is quality control and I’m pleased to say that our Samsung communications system is a high quality performer. ”

John Moncrieff, Managing Director, Monjon Australia Pty Ltd



Client: Monjon Australia

Locations : Head Office in Cheltenham, Melbourne.  Control Room in South Melbourne and hundreds of client sites right across Victoria

Staff: 300 staff


The Solution

Samsung Communications Centre in Melbourne designed a tailored solution, based on the officeServ 7200 with added Samsung Mobex mobility. Monjon now has a system which has proven ultra reliable across hundreds of urgent calls, provides immediate access to the Managing Director’s home, and gives staff the ability to see each other via video phone on every call they make.

Samsung products

  •  OfficeServ 7200 IP in head office and in a separate disaster recovery centre
  • IT Tool for customised system management
  •  IP Ext fail over for automatic re-route in the event of a system or office failure to the disaster recovery centre
  • Mobile to mobile dialing for cost saving benefits
  •  Remote IP extension at South Melbourne Control room
  •  60 video phones
  •  On demand voice recording via voice mail email gateway function
  •  Voice recording via voicemail
  • Mobex functionality for contact anywhere all of the time for security personnel and control room staff.



  • Improved internal efficiencies
  • Better quality internal communications
  • Vastly improved communications capability
  • around multiple sites
  • Easy access to local Samsung engineers, trainers and support staff


The Challenge

Because of the nature of its business, Monjon’scommunications needs were very particular.Their new system had to provide fail safe connectivity between 300+security guards in the field, clients across more than 200 locations, the MonjonHead Office in suburban Melbourne and a Control Room in South Melbourne. The system had to record conversations, view conversations and provide a seamless switch to and from two advertised mobilenumbers. And it could never, never fail.

  • Immediate contact between head office and the Managing Directors’ home
  • Guaranteed future proofing from the Samsung officeServ platform.

Former senior Victorian police officer, John Moncrieff started his specialist security business Monjon in1996 with the clear objective of providing superior security services. The business has grown year on year and now employs more than 300 staff in two office locations and across hundreds of client sites around Victoria. John attributes his business success to his dedication to infrastructure quality control.

“Unless we have top quality back room systems to support what we do in the field, we simply cannot perform immediately, professionally or effectively,” he explains.

The three arms of the Monjon business – Training, Traffic Management and Security – rely on sophisticated communications systems and processes to keep staff, clients and suppliers in touch. Their previous communications system was not evolving with the business, so John set about an analysis of the precise communications requirements he needed both now and into the future.

“I had a very clear idea of what I wanted – a series of key requirements drove my decision making,” he says.

“First and foremost was reliability – actually, ultra reliability. We have to be live and contactable 24x7. If a client or one of our security guards rings in an emergency, they have to know they will get through, any time, day or night, every day of the year.”

Monjon employs more than 300 security guards at 220 plus residential apartment and construction sites over Melbourne and the ‘night switch’ communications between 6pm and 6am are routed via a Control Room in South Melbourne. So, an after-hours call goes to the Control Room, then to a mobile phone and if that mobile is not answered it goes to a pager and the Security Manager then rings that number.

“We can’t afford any weak links in the chain,” says John.

Monjon’s second communications criterion was developed through John Moncrieff’s desire for open and transparent communications between staff members.

“We place a lot of importance on our working relationships,” he says. “If communications between people is not honest and open, the business suffers. So, I wanted everyone with a fixed phone to have a video phone so we can see each other while talking. Plus, I had an officeServ 7200 replica installed at home so, with the video capability, whether I’m at home or in the office, I can look my people in the
eye as they talk to me.”

“We also wanted the ability to record conversations. In an emergency situation, you have to be very clear about who said what when, so that was a standout requirement. The officeServ does this simply
and effectively.”

And finally, the officeServ system had to support two advertised mobile numbers – 0419 mon jon and 0417 mon jon. Some calls to these numbers had to be directed at different times of the day to different places and, previously, Monjon performed this function via a mobile phone. The Samsung solution now connects the mobiles to the officeServ 7200 via a GSM unit so that the calls are routed automatically.

To connect mobile security guards across multiple sites, Monjon needed mobile phone connectivity. The Samsung officeServ Mobex is an extension of a fixed telephone direct to a mobile or alternative line via a single number. It’s immediate, seamless and personalised, and means staff, especially physically mobile staff, are never out of reach.

“The beauty for us is that desk and mobile phones are seamless,” says John. “It means they are up to date, have the right information at hand and are able to speak to people when it really matters.”


the Samsung Solution

Once he’d determined his requirements, John contacted Matthew Jameson at the Melbourne Samsung Communications Centre and outlined his brief.

“John is a man who knows exactly what he wants and, understandably, won’t settle for second best,” says Matthew. “We recommended the feature- rich Samsung officeServ 7200 converged communications platform because it offers one solution for voice, data and wireless, ideal for Monjon’s purposes.”

The officeServ 7200 is an “office in a box” solution providing data router and switching functions (LAN/WAN), TDM voice processing, Voice over Internet Protocol integration, wireless communications, voice mail (with email gateway, computer telephony integration (CTI), and much more in a single powerful platform. officeServ is the ideal solution for the future and the present office because it can simultaneously support both traditional voice communication, voice over IP, IP based data communication, and wireless solutions through Wireless LAN. John Moncrieff also wanted a disaster recovery option, so a complete officeServ 7200 stand alone replica was installed in his home.



The backbone of the MONJON business isits systems.Extensive and constantly refined, the company’ssystems ensure its reputation as a leader in its field and places it as a ‘World’s Best Practice’ service provider to clients ranging from film and television production companies, to hotels, government departments, event managers, construction companies and schools.

“Our role is to offer peace of mind by providing clientswith best practice / best of breedsecurity and safetycontrol solutions delivered by a team committed toservice excellence,” says John Moncrieff.“With these quality control systems and operationsin place, such as our communications, we can ensuresafe and efficient operational success.”



The Samsung/MONJON solution as “a great result”.

John says that the Samsung hardware, their customer service and their after sales service mean that he andhis business “are in very good hands”.

“We look at this system as a 4-5 year investment. Technology moves pretty quickly and we have faith in Samsung that we can review technology with themto suit the business needs. If we develop anotherlocation, for example, we know that Samsung will grow with us and will be on top of it.”

As MONJON continues to grow, the Samsungcommunications system will evolve with the business.

“We like to say that MONJON combines experience,vision, ambition and commitment,” says JohnMoncrieff. “

And with the support of our Samsungcommunications, we hope to be able to deliver longinto the future.”