Samsung Case Study 5: Ray White Double Bay

Ray White Double Bay is sold on a Samsung system.

As part of the system integration, RWDB cancelled 35 unused numbers that were costing the Group $45 each per month and 120 unused lines, which were costing $35 each per month. Along with the $1,000 being saved on inter-office calls, RWDB is saving approximately $6,775 per month, which will amount to $81,300 per year.


“Over the lifetime of the Samsung Communications solution, we will continue to reap the financial rewards, and we are now in a much better position to expand our communications network in line with the growth of the company.”



Client Ray White Double Bay Group

Locations: Six sites – Four offices in Double Bay, one office in Circular Quay, one office in Surry Hills/Alexandria

Staff : Approximately 90 staff

Samsung OfficeServ 500, Digital and products IP telephones (what models), voicemail and Email Gateway, softphone

Project date December 2006

By selecting a Samsung Communications solution, prestige real estate company, Ray White Double Bay Group (RWDB), achieved operational efficiencies and cost savings, integrating its six telephone systems across six sites into one network. Challenge RWDB’s business telephony was cumbersome and costly, and it desperately needed to be brought into the 21st Century. RWDB wanted an integrated communications system to support the company’s six offices, where each site had a different phone system, each incurring expensive line rentals. Whilst chiefly motivated by managing costs and improving efficiency, the new system needed tobe uncomplicated and reliable for the Group’s 45 real estate agents who rely heavily on telephonecommunication to liaise with vendors and buyers.



RWDB chose Samsung Communications to merge its Samsung, Ericsson and NEC telephone systems into a single Samsung OfficeServ 500 solution, a platform designed to meet the current and future needs of medium to large companies. Samsung OfficeServ500 applications include: Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) keysets, both local and remote, and IP networking to provide significant cost savings infax, STD and mobile charges and offering unmatched flexibility to support remote locations. Digitalhandsets were installed in the Double Bay Head Office with IP telephones for the five other sites. Samsung voicemail and Email Gateway improved customer service levels and offered staff increased flexibility.



  • A Return on Investment (ROI) was achieved within three months of installation
  • Improved efficiency through consolidation of six systems into one
  • Greater communications capability between sites
  • Calls between the sites are free of carrier charges
  • Calls can be transferred across locations without additional cost
  • Enhanced features offering workplace flexibility e.g. softphone, Email Gateway
  • Streamlined programming changes performed in-house from one site
  • Faxes are received by email, allowing traceability

Ray White Double Bay Group (RWDB) is part of Australia’s most successful real estate network, Ray White.

Established in Sydney’s affluent Eastern Suburbsin 1987, RWDB comprises approximately 90 agents and staff members in Double Bay, Circular Quay, Surry Hills/Alexandria as well as Ray White Commercial Eastern Suburbs. In line with its vision to be the most admired and respected real estate agency in Australia, RWDB has won a string of accolades. In 2006 alone, the Group received the International Property Award for Best Australian Residential Agency and the Auctioneers and Property Management Award at the NSW RealEstate Institute Awards for Excellence.

The Group was a joint winner at the Wentworth Courier’s Business Excellence Awards (Best Estate Agency).

Jeremy Gold, IT Manager for RWDB, explains that the organisation’s telephony infrastructure was not in keeping with the growth and success of the company. “Ray White Double Bay started off as a small company. As the company grew and established new offices, a different telephone system was added to accommodate the needs we had at that specific time,” said Jeremy Gold.

The company had lines and telephone numbers that far exceeded its needs and staff numbers. As a result, RWDB was incurring hefty and unnecessary rental and maintenance fees.

“The overall telephone system wasn’t complementing the business, and it certainly wasn’t contributing to our success. It was time to take a more strategic approach to the infrastructure - its impact on the company’s bottom line and its role in connecting usto clients,” said Jeremy Gold. In addition to the cost blow-outs, the system was inefficient and potentially detrimental to customer service. A simple call transfer from one office to another was impossible. If a vendor or buyer called the wrong site, he or she would be given another number to call.

“In an industry defined by good customer service, especially in respect to vendors who have entrusted us with their most valuable asset, it seems unprofessional to ask them to call another number at their own expense,” said Jeremy Gold.

A huge amount of time was wasted maintaining six different systems. For example, a basic task suchas changing a staff member’s extension or adding a speed dial would have to be done six times. These types of minor changes meant that the IT Manager would have to physically visit each site.Samsung Case Study Ray White Double BayBefore Jeremy Gold joined RWDB in April 2006, a quote had been supplied to the company for a telephone communications system upgrade. Jeremy decided to source two extra quotes for comparison. He approached the Samsung Communications Centre in Baulkham Hills and another Sydney-based dealer. The new proposals were extremely cost competitive without compromising product quality or service delivery. Jeremy selected the Samsung Communications Centre based on its focus on Samsung products.

“From the outset, we knew Samsung would makea positive and lasting impact on RWDB’s business,” said Madeleine Azcona, Sales Manager at the Samsung Communications Centre.“ We worked closely with Jeremy to consolidate and streamline what had become an overly complicated, yet inefficient, system. It’s not just about providing a quality product. It’s about understanding the client’s business and improving it,” said Madeleine Azcona. Located across Australia, Samsung Communications Centres are business communication specialists dedicated to the sales, installation and ongoing technical and after-sales support for Samsung branded communications solutions.

“Everybody knows the Samsung brand, and you know that as a big international company they are going to look after you. The Samsung solution was chosen because it offered a combination of value, efficiency and simplicity,” said Jeremy Gold.

Before the upgrade, Samsung Communicationsmet with RWDB’s IT provider to resolve any network issues. The installation and system launch in December 2006 were virtually hassle-free. Samsung Communications was on hand to iron out any teething problems. They provided training to the Head Office receptionist and made themselves available to other staff members.RWDB has a single Samsung OfficeServ 500 system and centralised voicemail at Head Office. Head Office is equipped with digital handsets, while external sites run IP phones. The OfficeServ networking capabilities mean aremote location can be linked to operate transparently as a single entity. It also allows infrastructure ownersto benefit from the cost effective sharing of selected features across the network. They can access centralised functionality – from simple call forwarding and transfers to advanced features such as operator services, voicemail and automated attendant.

A key component of RWDB’s OfficeServ system is Samsung Email Gateway (voicemail to email function). Samsung Email Gateway is the ultimate tool for accessing and managing messages - voicemails,faxes and emails - from a PC’s inbox. New voicemail messages and faxes appear in the inbox and are easily identified by the email’s subject field e.g. Voice message from Number 8542 8500. Just like a standard email message, users click on the message to open the email, which provides a summary ofinformation, including the time and date the message was received. The actual voicemail or fax is presentedas a WAV or TIF file attachment.

While each office has a dedicated receptionist, most calls are received at the Double Bay Head Office. The new solution allows for the easy transfer of calls between sites, and all incoming calls can be redirected to another site if necessary. As a result of a streamlined solution, calls are answered faster and usually by the right person. Already, the move to an integrated Samsung communications system has saved RWDB thousands of dollars. As part of the system integration, RWDB cancelled35 unused numbers that were costing the Group$45 each per month and 120 unused lines, which were costing $35 each per month.



Along with the$1,000 being saved on inter-office calls, RWDB is saving approximately $6,775 per month, which will amount to $81,300 per year.

“Over the lifetime of the Samsung Communications solution, we will continue to reap the financial rewards, and we are now in a much better position to expand our communications network in line with the growth of the company,” said Jeremy Gold.