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You’re busy running a business, so you don’t need to be running separate phone and internet services as well. That ’s why we’ve brought them together for you .

From $80 per month, you can take care of your fixed phone, broadband, email, domain name, data backup and more. All with one plan, one contact, one bill – and great value.

Your plan could give you included standard national calls; up to 500GB data allowance per month, and 50GB of secure offsite data backup with T-Suite® Remote Backup MozyPro® PC. Plus you’ll have some handy productivity extras, like free MessageBank® and free Calling Number Display for your fixed phone line.  

Free On Account Calls means you don’t pay for any calls between the mobiles and fixed phone services on the same account as your BizEssentials plan. That includes mobile-to-mobile, fixed-to-mobile and mobile-to-fixed calls. So your team will be free to talk as much as they need to. (Calls to/from mobiles while roaming overseas are excluded.)

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TBS “snippets”

TBS is about combining an Samsung Telephone system with a Telstra Call Plan plus full maintenance to reduce monthly costs..

  • A more affordable way to upgrade your office telephone system.
  • Rent and maintenance appears on your phone bill.
  • Security of dealing with the No1 Voice and Data network provider in Australia
  • Save up to 16% on calls.
  • Competitive call rates


Cooper Communications "snippets” :

  • Established since 1997
  • Telstra Dealer
  • Samsung Dealer
  • Phone & Data Cabling
  • Telstra TBS Specialists
  • IT Networking


TBS and Cooper Communications 

We are pleased to have been appointed Telstra Business Systems (TBS) dealers for SAMSUNG telephone systems in the NSW North Coast region. TBS combines Samsung phone systems with Telstra’s best call plan packages and full maintenance at reduced costs.