Office messaging solutions Automated Attendant

Incoming calls are never kept waiting to be answered with the Office messaging Solutions- Samsung’s Auto Attendant. The Auto Attendant can answer multiple calls simultaneously; providing different greetings for each extension or department.

Auto Attendant can, in effect, create a simple contact centre structure within your organisation, allowing you to route calls for individual extensions or groups as necessary.

The Auto Attendant can act as your organisation’s front line for customers’ first point of contact or as a reception overflow during peak periods.

External callers are prompted by the Auto Attendant to enter their choice of destination without the need for a receptionist to handle the call. If no destination is selected within a specified time, the call is automatically directed to the pre-specified destination. Automated Attendant is an ideal solution for busy departments – such as reception areas and call/response centres – or out of hours periods.

Samsung Auto Attendant can also be customised for up to 99 time periods to truly reflect the individual nature of your working pattern e.g. daytime, evening, lunch and holiday periods.

Email Gateway

Samsung Messaging Server’s Email Gateway feature gives users the ultimate tool to access and manage all voice, fax and email messages directly from their email inbox.

Whether you’re on the road or in the office, you can receive, respond to, transfer and forward voice, emails and faxes with ease and efficiency. New voicemail and fax messages are presented in email inboxes as WAV or TIF file attachments with time and date summary information. Other Email Gateway features include:

  • Forward voice and fax messages to other recipients via email.
  • Deliver fax messages as email attachments and view them as an image file.
  • Store and categorise voicemail and fax attachments for future access and references.
  • Remotely access your office voicemail and fax messages from your PC or PDA .
  • Create a private fax number for privacy and confidential documents.
  • Standard SMTP Compliant

NB: Fax to email conversion is a cost option and not supplied as standard on the OfficeServ 7200 and OfficeServ 7400. Fax delivery is not supported on the OfficeServ 7100

Remote Fax Retrieval

Samsung Messaging Server provides advanced fax messaging features designed specifically to enhance the use of fax documents within your organisation. Using Faxmail, incoming faxes can be stored in your own personalised mailbox and accessed at your convenience. Utilising the Automated Fax Retrieval capability can save your business time and money. Frequently requested documents such as price lists and order forms can be stored in your Messaging Server’s memory for callers to download to their own fax machine freeing up your fax resources.

IP-UMS Unified Messaging System

Imagine the efficiency and productivity of customizing how voicemails, email messages, and fax messages are created, sent, received, tracked, synchronised, and archived – all from one central location. Samsung’s OfficeServ IP-UMS merges it all through a robust unified messaging system for the small to medium size business that must operate and compete on the big business stage. Samsung’s OfficeServ IP-UMS has enhanced functionality to provide fully synchronised unified messaging along with powerful Text to Speech (TTS) capability that together enables the subscriber to listen, record, organise and maintain all their messaging from a suitable device of their choice.


OfficeServ IP-UMS offers a host of advanced features like:

  • Web and Outlook Subscriber Services
  • Fully synchronised unified messaging
  • Scalable up to 128 ports on the OfficeServ 7400, serving up to 1,000 subscribers (32 ports on the OfficeServ 7200)
  • Single and efficient toolbar interface with Outlook gives employees one-stop control over multiple message formats.
  • Voicemails, emails and faxes are all labeled, routed, synchronised and stored per individual user preference.
  • Advanced text-to-speech capabilities allow users to dial into their mailboxes and have their email messages read to them by the IP-UMS server (in a choice of languages if required). This service can be used within the enterprise or from the outside world using a standard or mobile telephone.
  • Incoming faxes can be received on the PC and documents can be faxed right from your desktop.
  • Administrators can log into a convenient web-accessed administration page and manage system changes remotely – including programming greeting and call routing modifications on the built-in auto attendant.

Samsung OfficeServ IP-UMS delivers streamlined messaging unification and convergence for small-to-midsized businesses – powerful, convenient, scalable and affordable. To increase productivity and messaging efficiency within your organization, step up to Samsung OfficeServ IP-UMS messaging system.


SAMSUNG Voicemail offers advanced call facilities and puts the user in control by allowing voice messages to be left when staff are busy or out of the office. Users can record their own personal greetings (busy, no answer, out of office, on holidays) With the aid of either voice instructions or the screen prompts on the OfficeServ handset LCD screen, all employees can easily navigate Samsung voicemail. Samsung Voicemail allows users to reap the benefits of streamlined office messaging the first time they pick up the phone. Users are alerted to messages via a message waiting lamp or the LCD screen of their OfficeServ handset.

Samsung Voicemail goes one step further, allowing users to intelligently route callers with different greetings and employing call routing based on time of day, day of week, caller ID and DDI.

As well as standard Voicemail functionality at the touch of a button, users can access a host of other features:

  • create and send messages to a group (sales, support group)
  • record important conversations and even personal reminders
  • remotely access voice messages
  • change automatic greeting based on time and date
  • forward messages direct to mailbox
  • screen calls through answer machine emulation

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