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Good communications is fundamental to remaining competitive in the contemporary world of business. But in the fast changing, complex world of business telecommunications, staying up with rapid developments is definitely a challenge for the modern business owner. By aligning ourselves with some of the nation's and the world's best performing and most innovative communications technology companies, Cooper Communications is in a strong position to deliver cutting edge solutions for your business communications requests. We are proud of our status with our technology partners with some of the Worlds leading technology vendors



Leader in Customer Experience and Cloud Solutions

Avaya Holdings Corporation is a leading technology company that provides communications solutions for businesses of all sizes. The company was founded in 2000 and has a strong legacy in the communications industry, providing innovative solutions that help organizations improve their operations and customer engagement.

Some key benefits of Avaya Holdings Corporation's solutions include:

  1. Integration with existing systems: Avaya's solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly with existing technology systems, making adoption and deployment fast and easy.

  2. Flexible deployment options: Avaya offers flexible deployment options, including on-premise, cloud, and hybrid solutions, allowing organizations to choose the best option for their specific needs.

  3. Scalability: Avaya's solutions are highly scalable, making it easy for businesses to grow and expand their operations over time.Advanced security features: Avaya's solutions come with robust security features, ensuring the protection of sensitive information and ensuring compliance with industry standards.

  4. Exceptional customer support: Avaya is committed to providing exceptional customer support, with a wide range of resources and support options available to help organizations get the most out of their technology investments.

By choosing Avaya Holdings Corporation, organizations can benefit from innovative and reliable communications solutions that help them improve their operations, engage customers, and drive growth.


3CX Phone system partner


Business Communication Solutions & Software

3CX is a unified communications solution that offers a complete software-based PBX system for Windows and Linux. Its key features include:

  1. VoIP (Voice over IP) support: Allows for making calls over the internet, reducing calling costs.

  2. Mobile app: A mobile app for Android and iOS devices, which provides seamless integration with the PBX system.

  3. Web conferencing: Supports web conferencing with screen sharing and recording capabilities.

  4. Integration with CRM: Integrates with popular CRM systems, such as Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, for better collaboration and customer management.

  5. Remote work capabilities: Supports remote work with features such as call forwarding, hot desking, and more.

  6. Scalability: The solution is highly scalable, allowing for easy expansion as businesses grow.

  7. User-friendly: The 3CX system is designed to be user-friendly, with a web-based management console for easy administration.

Overall, 3CX is a cost-effective, flexible, and feature-rich communication solution for businesses of all sizes.




Coretel Wholesale Telecommunications

Wholesale Telecommunications Supplier

Coretel is a telecommunications-based wholesale and retail company serving the whole of Australia. Our specialised team provides a one-stop shop for internet and telephone services, including customised advice, installation, set-up, programming and support. Detailed information can be found at Coretel


Best Cloud PBX Solutions

Telecommunications Retail Service Provider

There are some things businesses should be able to take for granted… like the phone and internet just working. The short version of our story is: Comvirt was born because it doesn’t.

Over 10 years ago now, we kept hearing feedback from people like you that their telco was costing them money. Because as you know, no phone and no internet costs you money in lost productivity, lost business and damage to your reputation. The thing is, it shouldn’t be hard.

In 10 years, lots of things have changed, but one thing remains the same: businesses like yours just want their phone and internet to work. That’s why we love delivering set-and-forget phone and internet. Because that’s the way business should be.

We’re an Australian-owned business who have grown from helping hundreds of businesses like yours. Our local team are your one friendly point of contact from sign-up through to support and system upgrades as your business grows.

Think of us as your behind-the-scenes business telco pit crew. We take care of phone and internet so you can get on with what you do best.


Best Business WiFi

Rethinking IT & Revolutionizing Networking Technology

Ubiquiti Inc is a visionary company that has been transforming the world of networking technology since 2005. With their innovative products and solutions, they have made it possible for businesses of all sizes to have access to reliable, scalable and cost-effective networks.

The company offers a wide range of networking solutions, including wireless networking, network switches, security cameras and more. Their products are known for their high performance and ease of use, making them a popular choice among small and medium businesses, as well as service providers.

One of the key factors that sets Ubiquiti apart from its competitors is their focus on making their products user-friendly. They have designed their solutions with ease of deployment in mind, ensuring that even those without extensive technical knowledge can set up and use their products with ease.

In addition to their innovative products, Ubiquiti also offers an outstanding level of customer support. Their team of experts is always on hand to help customers with any questions or issues they may encounter, ensuring that businesses can continue to operate smoothly and efficiently.

Another important aspect of Ubiquiti’s business model is their commitment to affordability. The company recognizes that not all businesses have the same budget for networking solutions, which is why they offer products that are both high-performing and cost-effective.

In conclusion, Ubiquiti Inc is a company that has been leading the way in networking technology for over a decade. With their innovative solutions, outstanding customer support, and commitment to affordability, they are a great choice for businesses looking to enhance their networking infrastructure. Whether you’re a small start-up or a large enterprise, Ubiquiti has the solutions you need to stay connected and succeed.



Business Computers

Leaders Computers is an Australian company

They offer a wide range of technology products and services to consumers and businesses. Founded in 1987, Leaders Computers has grown to become one of the largest and most respected technology retailers in the country.

The company offers a comprehensive range of products, including desktop and laptop computers, tablets, smartphones, gaming equipment, and accessories. It also provides a range of services, including repairs and maintenance, custom builds, and IT support.

One of the key strengths of Leaders Computers is its commitment to customer service. The company's experienced and knowledgeable staff is dedicated to helping customers find the right products and services to meet their needs, and its highly trained technicians are available to provide fast and reliable repairs and support.

In addition to its retail stores, Leaders Computers also operates an online store that offers customers a convenient way to shop for technology products from the comfort of their own homes. The online store features a user-friendly design and a wide range of products, as well as secure and fast shipping options.

Overall, Leaders Computers is a trusted and respected company that has earned a reputation for offering high-quality technology products and services at competitive prices. If you are in the market for technology products or services, or if you are a business looking to upgrade your technology infrastructure, Leaders Computers is an excellent choice.


Best Business Phones


A global-leading provider of Unified Communication & Collaboration Solutions

Yealink specializes in the design, development, and production of voice and video communication solutions. The company was founded in 2001 and has since become one of the leading providers of IP phones, video conferencing systems, and other communication products for businesses and organizations.

Yealink's products are known for their high-quality audio, advanced features, and ease of use. The company offers a range of IP phones for different needs, from entry-level models for small offices to executive-level phones with large color displays and advanced functions. Yealink's video conferencing systems are also highly regarded, offering crystal-clear audio and video quality, along with intuitive and user-friendly interfaces.

In addition to its hardware products, Yealink also provides software solutions, including call center and unified communication solutions, which help businesses and organizations to streamline their communication processes and increase productivity.

Overall, Yealink is committed to delivering innovative and reliable communication solutions that meet the needs of its customers. With its focus on quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, Yealink is well positioned to continue growing as a leading provider of communication solutions.





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